Founded in 1986, SuperBook has long been the king of the sportsbook game. Today, it operates in six US states, including Nevada, California, Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Its online site offers a robust betting menu and comprehensive league coverage. It is also one of the few providers to offer mobile betting in Nevada.

The SuperBook mobile app is a sleek, easy to use application. It offers comprehensive league coverage, live stats for in-play events, and game props. However, the app doesn’t offer much in the way of promotions.

The SuperBook has been around for quite some time, and its flagship store at the Las Vegas Hilton is the original. However, its current incarnation is the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, which opened in 2014. It features a 220-foot long, 4K video wall, a full bar, and free Wi-Fi. The store has 350 seats, and offers a variety of betting opportunities on a variety of sporting events. The SuperBook has been a popular betting destination for mainstream news outlets for years, and often has the best odds in Vegas.

The SuperBook has also been known to offer its customers more than one contest at a time, and has a large selection of props and gimmicks. Its mobile app offers a full range of games, from traditional sporting events to more modern offerings, such as esports, fantasy sports, and poker. The company also boasts the largest wagering menu in Nevada.

The SuperBook also runs an annual SuperContest in Las Vegas. The prize pool is not combined across state lines, and the entry fee varies. It is the most lucrative prize in Vegas, with a chance to win up to $1.5 million annually. The best part about the contest is that it is easy to enter.

In addition to its brick and mortar store, SuperBook offers a mobile app for customers. This version of the sportsbook offers live odds on standard game outcome wagers, a comprehensive betting menu, and even an in-play betting market every day of the week.

The SuperBook mobile app is one of the most popular apps in Nevada, and offers players more than just the latest betting lines and wagering opportunities. It also has one of the biggest selections of game props of any online sportsbook. This is one of the reasons that the SuperBook is so well regarded. While other sportsbooks may offer more options, the SuperBook’s impressive reputation makes it a solid all-around sportsbook. The app also offers players the chance to take advantage of a number of risk management services, including a money management feature. The app is easy to navigate, and includes a variety of wagering options.

The SuperBook’s mobile app is not a complete clone of the desktop version, though. The mobile app is the same as the desktop version, with the addition of a number of features. One of the most notable features is the SuperContest. The app offers a number of state-level contests that offer a chance to win cash and prizes.

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